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Redflame is your one stop for all types of service for your PC, your network, your Microsoft exchange mail server, and all types of Apple products. Our consultants are fluent in both Mac and PC as we realize they both serve great purposes and there is no reason to discriminate! We are one of the few IT companies out there that will not try to convince you one is better than the other.  Apple products and PC products can both be used very effectively in a mixed network and windows domain environment.

Virus Alert: shipping viruses are back, do not be a victim, don't open emails with these subjects regarding UPS, FedEx, USPS, etcredflame

Redflame now services all types of Apple products along with it's top rate consulting services for businesses and indivdualsredflame

Let Redflame be your IT department for you--We can service all of your IT needs for fraction of the price of staffing your own network personnelredflame

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